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You've seen the statistics, people are watching video ads at an incredible rate that seems to be growing exponentially everyday. People are starting to see online video advertisements as, or even more effective than, their TV counterparts.

In March 2013, over 180 million Americans watched more than 39 billion online videos (comScore- Media Metrix). A well- optimized video has the power to link you with authoritative sites and achieve top listings in the search results, bringing you increases in traffic, conversions, and ultimately customers!

A well-optimized, high-quality video can not only get you authoritative links, it can also achieve top listings in the search results, bringing increases in traffic and conversions along with it. Like with any other SEO service, it's crucial to define a purpose when developing a video production. Whether that's to get people to share on social media, build links, or increase conversions, you need to define that from the start.

The one thing about online video nowadays is that there's so much competition. You must spend the necessary time in pre-production to come up with an engaging concept with a nice balance of humor, emotion, suspense, and originality. The most important factor, though, is to know your audience and tailor the video production to their style.

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