Inbound Marketing

Times have certainly changed. In the past, getting your business found was a matter of spreading your marketing message as far and as wide as possible in hopes that maybe a small handful of the people you reached would be interested. Outdated marketing strategies such as Print, direct mail, radio, television, or telemarketing are inaccurate, expensive, and slow. They were also harder to measure both on their performance and effectiveness. You’re probably wondering, so why did people use them? Because they were the best strategies available for a long time. But not anymore.

Inbound marketing offer highly cost-effective and completely measurable methods of generating leads, reaching targeted audiences, and increasing conversions. Climb The Search is one of the premier inbound marketing agency in the nation. We understand that in order for your company to be successful, your marketing efforts need a strategic coordination of multiple highly targeted inbound marketing tactics to generate new leads for your business.

We create a customized game plan for every customer we work with, using a combination of tactics such as social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine advertising and strategic website design to bring your company new levels of growth.


1) Attract

We don't want attract the right kind of visitors that are valuable for your business. Our interest is in the visitors who have a direct need for your product or service. Your ideal customers, also known as buyer personas, are detailed representations of what your customers are really like. What their challenges, goals, and specific pain points are, as well as the demographical and behavioral information needed to help execute a campaign that resonates with them.

  • The Buyer Persona - Through our proven process of interviews, questionnaires, and polls, we'll get to know your audience as well as we know you. This provides our team with the foundation needed to both create and implement a more personalized strategy, ensuring your entire campaign aligns with the most important thing of all: your customers.
  • Optimizing for the Persona - Once we know the persona of your ideal customers, our team will use the information to optimize your entire campaign for the interests, behaviors, and language of your persona, increasing your opportunities for getting found by the right prospects. We will optimized your keywords as well since we now know who your ideal customers are, we can now anticipate what keywords the will mostly likely search for.
  • Content Strategy - We don't view content as a tactic, but rather a strategy for providing the resources your ideal prospects are looking for. We know your audience. We know their challenges, and as a result, can more accurately create solutions in the form of highly targeted, shareable blog posts, ebooks, videos, and visual content that will attract them to you.
  • Social Media Strategy - We implement a social media strategy that amplifies and supports the entire content strategy. We take into account how your specific audience behaves on the various social platforms, and ultimately share and create content native to each in order to maximize engagement and drive prospects back to your website.
2) Convert

Once you're driving more qualified visitors to your website, you'll want to convert these visitors into leads by collecting their contact information. To do this, you need to offer something of value in exchange for their contanct information. We do this by using your buyer personas as the foundation, we will craft resourceful downloadable offers in the form of ebooks, whitepapers, videos, or checklists.

  • Premium Content - Your ideal customers are searching for educational content to assist them in their buying process. We help you to identify the content they seek and work to provide them with it. Using your buyer personas as the foundation, our team strategizes and develops premium content – ebooks, whitepapers, kits, and video – that will offer your audience something of value in order to collect their contact information.
  • Conversion Path - Our team will help define your sales funnel, and as a result, develop a conversion path that aligns with the behaviors of your personas. Each page of your website – including everything from calls-to-action to landing pages – will support the initiative of driving visitors to the premium content they need. This results in higher conversion rates, and most importantly, more satisfied prospects.
  • Performance - An analysis of your entire marketing campaign is performed monthly, enabling our team to identify the activities that are converting visitors to leads. This allows our team more time to dedicate to the marketing actions that are actually resonating with your audience, ensuring your lead generation strategy is continually optimized for success.
3) Close

Closing a deal is all about being helpful and providing value at the right time. Executing a more personalized, segmented lead nurturing strategy effectively works leads further down your sales funnel – eventually leading to a sale – by providing helpful content that resonates with their specific needs and goals.

  • Nurturing strategy - Successfully closing leads requires a nurturing strategy unique to the specific behaviors of each of your personas. Through social nurturing or an automated campaign, our team develops a series of lead engagements that delivers relevant content at just the right time, pushing leads further down your sales funnel, and ultimately, to a sale.
  • Your Content - Part of an effective content strategy is its ability to serve at all levels of your buying cycle. Our team works with you in the development of content that speaks to leads who are more advanced in your sales process. This provides direction for all lead nurturing campaigns, and also acts as a resource to be utilized and delivered by your sales team in order to shorten the sales process and further educate the prospect.
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